In a sophisticated era like today, humans are greatly facilitated by various existing technologies, and these technologies are developing very quickly, and without realizing humans will soon enter the future.

Day by day, new technologies that are being developed are truly revolutionary, things that were rarely imagined by scientists and exist only in the human imagination, one by one they are being realized.

One day, humans may be able to live hundreds of years without knowing disease, possess genius intelligence, and go to outer space. 

These are some of the revolutionary technologies that are expected to change the whole world.

Atomic-Size Intelligent Machines, Nanotechnology
Atomic-Size Intelligent Machines, Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is any future technology that allows humans to manipulate super small particles that are the size of an atom! The nanometer itself is 1/billionth of a meter or the thickness of a hair split by 50,000. That's the power of nanotechnology.

The goal is to create future new materials, even particle-sized machines and robots. These materials will be stronger than diamond, super light, resistant to heat and cold with extreme scale, able to conduct electricity better, more durable, environmentally friendly, and so on.

The app is truly awesome and will change the whole world. imagine if we could create new materials that are harder than diamond, and much lighter than steel. We can create super-strong frameworks for cars, airplanes, or buildings and bridges. With a lighter weight, all cars and planes will also be more energy-efficient.

We can create wrinkle and stain-resistant clothes. We can also create bacteria-sized robots, nanobots, and insert them into the human body. Its function can be from curing disease, destroying cancer cells, and even strengthening the human body. Nanobots or nanoparticles are even later expected to be able to close the ozone hole again.

With nano-sized components, we can build supercomputers the size of matchboxes, and data storage media that store millions of gigabytes of information about mankind and the entire universe, as big as the tip of a fingernail.

How can this technology be done? Because super-sophisticated microscopes that can see atoms have been around since 1981.

The era of Superhumans, Genetic Engineering
The era of Superhumans, Genetic Engineering

Humans have succeeded in mapping their genes in the giant project "The Human Genome Project". With this data, humans have an information map to explore the function and potential of each gene in the human body. Starting from the genes that determine the human physical form, genes that cause cancer, genes that form memory, genes that create intelligence, even special genes that regulate the aging process.

This will later enable genetic engineering to create highly superior future humans. Humans with perfect health, free from disease, over 100 years old, and possessing intelligence close to genius.

Imagine if humans discovered the special gene that made Einstein a genius. Then the gene could be transferred to all mankind.

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But genetic engineering is not only for humans but also for plants and livestock. Genetic engineering can create new types of rice and wheat with yields that are many times over. We can also make beef that is more tender and savory. We can even create plants and animals for consumption with superior nutritional value.

The Most Powerful Energy in the entire Universe, Star Power
The Most Powerful Energy in the entire Universe, Star Power

The sun, every second, expends energy as much as all the energy used by all mankind throughout its history. The energy of a giant hydrogen plasma is 380 Billion Mega-Watts (380^26 MW), per second.

This is the energy known as Nuclear Fusion energy, the Power of the Sun. And the world's scientists are trying to get it.

And this is the energy that keeps the giant stars in the universe burning for billions of years. Powerful energy throughout the universe.

A major experiment is being carried out in the small town of Cadarache in the far south of France in a project called ITER. Here Deuterium and Tritium atoms are fused with heat reaching 150 million degrees Celsius, 10 times the heat of the Sun's core. The melting pot is protected by Tokamak's magnetic field so it doesn't melt.

The great thing is that Deuterium can be produced from ordinary seawater, and Tritium is formed from Lithium which can be obtained from natural stone. The most powerful energy in the entire universe is from Water and Natural Stone.

If these scientists succeed in creating it, then the whole world will have a powerful new source of energy, take advantage of petroleum. This energy will be huge and efficient, unlimited, very cheap, and environmentally friendly.

(Note: the use of nanotechnology in solar photovoltaic cells, nanocrystals, is also said to have super-large energy capable of harnessing the potential of the earth).

Harry Potter's Disappearing Cloak, Metamaterial
Harry Potter's Disappearing Cloak, Metamaterial

Just a few years ago, world-renowned scientists were still convinced that there was no matter in this world that could make humans disappear. It was absolutely impossible, as it violated all known laws of nature. But they are all wrong.

Metamaterials are one of the most talked-about materials. This material could create something, to become invisible. A suit that uses this technology can make the wearer "disappear", like the magic cloak in "Harry Potter".

A fighter plane with metamaterial will be invisible, not just invisible to radar-like "Stealth" technology, but completely invisible to the eye like a cloaking device in Star Trek.

This could be done, for example, by creating artificial materials capable of deflecting electromagnetic radiation, as well as light, which is essentially electromagnetic radiation. The materials can be like tin and plastic which are arranged in a certain pattern structure.

The metamaterial bends light, surrounds the object it is enveloped in, and then reassembles at the end, like air surrounding a rock. In a recent study at Perdue University, they used special needles that would bend light beyond a shrouded object while an object behind it would be visible.

The material is being researched around the world including at MIT, the University of California Berkeley, Duke University, and Caltech in LA.

Space Elevator, Stairs To The Stars
Space Elevator, Stairs To The Stars

Space elevator or Space Stairs is like a very high elevator from the earth to the earth's orbit in outer space, 35,000 kilometers altitude. With this lift traveling to earth, the orbit will be easier, and cheaper.

Many people hope that the space program, which had stopped at the moon so expensive, will be able to start again. And maybe the human dream to go to Mars will come true.

This elevator was originally just a fantasy, but it turns out that with new technology, it becomes very possible to be realized. The technology is Carbon nanotubes, a new material that is said to be stronger than diamond and lighter than steel. This will enable the start of a new era in space exploration.


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