"Give me 1000 parents, I will surely pull Semeru from its roots, give me 1 young man, I will surely shake the world"

“Independence is just a bridge. Even though it's a golden bridge, across the bridge the road is broken in two: one to the world is the same as feeling, one to the world is both lamenting and crying!"

"Whoever wants pearls, must dare to plunge into the deep ocean"

“Man and woman are like the two wings of a bird. If the two wings are equally strong, then the bird flies to the highest peak; If one of the two wings is broken, the bird cannot fly at all."

"A great nation is a nation that respects the services of its heroes"

“I said that our goal with social justice is a just and prosperous society using industrial tools, very modern technological tools. As long as it is not controlled by the capitalist system."

"If in a person there is still a sense of shame and fear to do something good, then the guarantee for that person is that he will not meet him with a single step of progress."

"God does not change the fate of a nation until the nation changes its destiny"

“No one counts; how much profit will I get from this Republic, if I fight and sacrifice to defend it”

“Keep your spirits up, Eagle Eagle!”

"My struggle is easier because it expels the invaders, but your struggle will be more difficult because it is against your people"

“Take my suffering as a testimony, that even the power of a president has limits. Because the only lasting power is the power of the people. And above all is the power of God Almighty."

"Don't think we've all done enough with the color triangle. As long as there is still wailing in the huts our work is done! Keep on fighting with profuse sweating."

"Our nationalism is a nationalism that makes us instruments of God and makes us come alive in the spirit"

"Build a world where all nations live in peace and fraternity"

“Hang your ideals as high as the sky! Dream as high as the sky. If you fall, you will fall among the stars."

"We have not lived in the light of the full moon, we are still living in the transition period, keep the spirit of the eagle"

"This Word of God is my guitar, this Word of God must be your Gitamu: "Innallaha la yu ghoiyiru ma bikaumin, hatta yu ghoiyiru ma bianfusihim". "God does not change the fate of a nation before the nation changes its destiny" (Speech of the Anniversary of the Proclamation, 1964 Bung Karno)

“European nationalism is an offensive nationalism. A nationalism pursuing Belgrade's needs. A trade nationalism that gains or loses. Such nationalism must be wrong, it must perish.”

"Socialism means the existence of collective factories, the existence of collective industrialism, the existence of collective production, the existence of collective distribution, the existence of collective education"

“People cannot serve God by not serving their fellow human beings. God dwells in the poor man's hut."

“What are our weaknesses? Our weakness is that we lack confidence in ourselves as a nation, so that we become a nation of foreign plagiarists, not trusting each other, even though we are originally the People of Mutual Cooperation."

"From a positive point of view, we cannot develop our personality culture as well as possible if there is no healthy sense of nationality"

"A nation that does not believe in its own strength as a nation cannot stand as an independent nation"

“Do we want an independent Indonesia where capital is rampant, or where all the people are prosperous, all of whom have enough food, enough clothing, live in prosperity, feel in the lap of Mother Earth, who provides enough clothing and food?”

“A Marhaen is a person who has few tools. Our nation of tens of millions of impoverished people, work for no one else and no one works for him. Marhaenism is Indonesian Socialism in practice”


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